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Hi Beauties! I'm back home! :) Its nice to travel, but home is the best place to be! When I was traveling I picked up something for you guys as well. Its a set from Lorac and its their Mint Edition eyes/cheeks palette and Couture Shine liquid lipstick in shade Retro.

I own the same palette and I like it a lot. If you wanna see a makeup look I created with it you can see it here. I also have reviewed the liquid lipstick on my blog, if you are interested you can see it here. There is pictures of swatches and also how it looks on lips.

This giveaway will be opened internationally and lasts for 4 weeks. If you are younger then 18 please ask permission from your parents before entering. Good luck! :)

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Thanks for reading! :)

Lipstick Addict Haul ;)

Hi Beauties! This post is to all my readers who are lipstick addicts as much as I am :P lol Its another haul post, I hope you guys don't mind :)

I picked up 2 Wet n Wild lipstick, one is their regular lipstick line and I gotit in shade 966 Don't Blink Pink/Rose  Princesse (3.3 g) and the second lipstick is from their Fregie collection and its in shade A038 Saraghina (2.95 g). Both shades are bright and gorgeous and so pigmented and also very affordable even though I can't remember the price.

Next 4 products are from L'Oreal and first 2 are Extraordinaire by Colour Riche liquid lipsticks. I love the formula of these and I have reviewed them before in my blog. I like them that much that I decided to pick up 2 more shades and they are 403 Purple Prelude and 502 Plum Adagio (5.5 ml). These ones have cute animal print on them :)

Other 2 L'Oreal products that I picked up are their Balm Pops and I got them in shade 430 Fiery Red and 410 Wild Lily (2.9 g). Both shades are beautiful and the formula is so creamy. I have tried them few times :) I couldn't help myself! lol

I really wanted to try Maybelline Color Elixir, so I picked up one and I got it in shade 040 Vision in Violet (5 ml). I'm not sure how much I will wear this shade, but it looks lovely and I don't have anything that is in this color.

I'm so happy that I got my hands on Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stains. They feel great on lips and the color selection is big. I got only 2 and I have them in shade 005 Parisian Passion and 015 Barcelona Nights (8 ml). I picked up 2 more of their products and first one is Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm and I have it in shade 210 Unapologetic (2.7 g). The last Revlon product, that I got is Colorburst Balm Stain and its in shade 005 Crush Beguin (2.7 g). The color looks perfect for fall :)

I bought a set of Mally's products, but in this haul I will only share lip products, so that's why its in it and not the other products. Its their High Shine liquid lipstick and its in shade Starburst (3.5 g). Its in lovely nude shade and fits perfectly with every makeup look ;)

I got few Lorac lip products as well :) First one is their Altre Ego lipstick and I have it in shade Girl Next Door (3.4 g). The texture of it is so creamy and it feels fantastic on lips. Second product is Lorac Pro Matte Lip Color and I have it in shade Magenta (1 g) Gorgeous shade for fall :) Last product I have from Lorac is their Lip Luster Gloss and I have it in shade Peach Luster (3.1 g). Love the name of it and the shade <3

The very last lip product is from Too Faced and its their Melted. I have it in shade Melted Berry (12 ml). I was thinking I'm not going to like the applicator, but I love it and the color is so pigmented!

These are all my new beautiful lip products :) Whats new in your lipstick/lip gloss collection?

Thanks for reading! :)

Bath & Body Work Haul

Hi loves! Today I did a bit of shopping in Bath & Body Works, because they had a great offer, if you buy 3 products you get 2 for free and I ended up getting few body creams and scrubs :)

First thing I picked up is Mad About You triple moisture body cream (226 g, $12.50). It has a fresh and sweet scent to it, but its not over powering, which I love.

Next body cream that I picked up is Country Chick and its also triple moisture body cream (226 g $12.50). It also has a scent to it, but this one reminds me of summer and sunshine.

I also picked up some body scrubs and the first one I picked up is Lemon Pomegranate Cream Shea Butter body scrub (177 ml, $12.50). It smells so fresh and lemony <3 Second product is Beautiful Day Superfruit 2 in 1  body scrub + wash (226 g, $14). Its smells like apples.

The last product I got is for my husband and its their Mahogony Woods 2 in 1 hair + body wash (295 ml). Its smells very male and the scent of it is strong.

That's all I got from Bath & Body Works. Have you tried any of their products? 

Thanks for reading! :)

Review: Flormar Twist up Lipstick

Hi beauties! I was thinking to do a haul, but then changed my mind and I'm doing a review instead. Today I'm sharing with you guys a Flormar Twist up Lipstick in shade Orange (2.8 g). I think I payed for it 8 EUR or bit more. It wasn't over 10 EUR though.

The packaging of it is mostly black, but there is colorful design on it and the end part is the color of the lipstick, which makes it easier to find in your collection.

The color of it is bright coral, which is perfect for summer and I have used it a lot the past week. I feel like being in California makes my summer a bit longer and I can enjoy the bright lip colors longer :)

The pigmentation of it is amazing and it stays on a long time. When I first apply it on lips it feels a bit thick, but when I have finished applying it the feeling disappears, which I like. It has satin finish and the scent of it is delicious. It smells like candy store :) 

Its a first lip product that I have tried from Flormar and I'm very happy with it and would love to try their other lip products. I like that its affordable and the quality of it is good. 

If you live in Netherlands, they have a store in Amsterdam. I don't know the exact address, but Google will help with that, if you decide to look up their store. 

Have you tried any Flormar lipsticks?

Thanks for reading! :)

#NOTD Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

Hi beauties! Today I have for you a nail post for a change. Quick question would you guys wanna see another haul or is it too soon? I was thinking to share my new lip products ;) Let me know in the comments below, if you wanna see so soon another haul post. Lets get back to the nail post and here is what I'm wearing today :)

I painted all nails with 3 coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polish in shade 360 Barracuda (14.7 ml). Barracuda is a gorgeous light blue shade, but it doesn't apply as well as some of the other nail polishes in this range. After applying the last coat I got the desired result.

I added some of my nails some glitter and I used for that Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polish in shade 140 Snow Globe (14.7 ml). The name fits this nail polish well, because it really looks like sparkling snow :) 

I hope you liked this post and see you in my next one!

Thanks for reading! :)

Little Walgreens haul

Hi beauties! Today I went to discover Walgreens and came back with few goodies :) Lets start this post with nail polishes!

I picked up 2 Wet n Wild Megalast nail polishes and they are in shades LAC - My Mani? and So Berry On Trend (13.5 ml). The first one is a creamy color and other one is gorgeous berry red shade, which is perfect for fall.

Then I got nail polish from Maybelline and its from their Color Show range. Its in shade Punk Rock Pink (7 ml). Love the the pink glitter polish :P

Last 2 nail polishes that I got are Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure and I have them in shade 360 Barracuda and 140 Snow Globe (14.7 ml). Barracuda is the most gorgeous light blue <3 and I couldn't leave Snow Globe behind just because I love me some glitter polish.

No shopping of mine is complete if I'm not getting any lipsticks ;) I picked up 2 Rimmel Moisture Renew lipsticks and the reason why I picked them up was that these where on sale :) I got them in shade 500 Diva Red (its the darker lipstick on the right side of the picture) and 510 Mayfair Red Lady (4 g). I like to wear red lipsticks in fall and these are perfect for the new season :)

Whats new in your makeup bag?

Thanks for reading! :)

Review: Oriflame Veryme Cheeky Lips Stain

Hi Beauties! I have been doing quite bit of shopping in these few days I have spend in California :) If you are interested there will be haul post soon. But lets get to today's post and its going to be about one of my new favorite products <3 I have been absolutely loving Oriflame Veryme Cheeky Lips Stain and I have it in shade Red Impact (10 ml, full price in Netherlands: 8 EUR). It also comes in lighter shade which is called Lovely Pink.

It comes in tube packaging which is easy to take with you and doesn't take up a lot of space. I took it with me to California and use it as a blush. The shade of it might look a bit scary in the tube, but once its blended out, it looks beautiful. 

On picture above you can see the swatch of the product. On top of the swatch I blended it out, so you  guys can have idea how it looks. It looks gorgeous and natural on cheeks. I blend it out with my fingers and if you want it to look darker you can just add some more product. I like how easy it is to blend it and it stays on all day, which is another huge plus. 

There is only one thing I don't like about this product and its that when I use it on my lips I feel like it dries them out. It looks beautiful on lips as well, but I don't usually use it on lips just because it is so drying. That would be my only complaint about this product.

Overall I'm very happy with it as a blush. It blends out beautifully and looks very natural. The shade might look scary, but its not the case when you blend it out ;)

Have you tried Oriflame Veryme Cheeky Lips Stain?

Thanks for reading! :)



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