Favorites: June 2015

Hi beauties! I can't believe that June is over already and we are half way through the year. So much has happened this year at least for me and not everything has been good. Anyway lets continue with June faves and start with non makeup products :)

Its important to wear SPF all times on summer. Nive Sun Protect & Refresh SPF 50 (200 ml) is perfect for that. Its easy to use, I just spray it on and it feels bit cooling as well. It sinks into the skin easily and doesn't leave my skin sticky. I haven't got burned when I have this on. I also like how light it feels. I hate applying thick creams. This is perfect to use when you are outside :)

My Next favorite is a fragrance, which I picked up when I was going to Estonia last time. Shopping really helps me to calm me down before I take my flight :) Its Lancôme La Nuit Trésor (75 ml, review) and it smells so good. Its spicy and sweet ;)

Rest of my favorites are all makeup products and lets start off with the high end ones. I have been loving Urban Decay Shadow Box palette (12 x 0.01 oz, review). The shadows are just amazing, so pigmented and easy to work with. Can't wait to add more of their palettes in my collection :D

Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre (30 g) is just brilliant. It works amazingly well for me and I'll be posting the review on it soon on my blog ;)

Lets talk about some liners now :) Finding a good black liner is so hard to find and in June I was using non stop Rimmel Soft Kohl pencil in Jet Black. I love wearing it in the upper waterline and it stays put all day. 

Another black liner I have been loving is from L'Oreal and its their Color Rich Le Smoky in 201 Black Velour. Its so creamy and easy to apply. Its your best friend when you do a smokey eye. 

The last liner I'm going to talk about is Beauty People Miss 100 Supper Gel Eye Liner Pencil in shade Glimmer Bronze (review) and its the most gorgeous golden bronze shade. Its perfect to use on the bottom waterline.

Lately I have been discovering lot of new product from Essence and one of the products I have been liking is their #secretparty bronzer in shade 01 Glow Of My Life (26 g, review). Its perfect to bronze up the complexion and it gives a gorgeous glow as well and I can skip the highlighter.

I also have been loving Maybelline The Nudes palette (9.6 g, review). Its perfect for everyone who loves their nudes :) Its affordable, pigmented and easy to work with.

The last 2 favorites are blushes from Bourjois and its their 12 hr Aqua Blush in shade 02 Cocori Corail and 03 Pink Twice (10 ml). These are just amazing and I leave it at that, because the full review on these is coming soon ;)

These are all the product I have been loving and discovering in June. Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what did you like in June :)

Thanks for reading! xo's

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Hair Care Routine 2015

Hi beauties! I haven't written about my hair care routine forever and most of the products are changed. 

At the moment I'm using 2 shampoos. First one is Lush Braziliant Shampoo Bar and it makes my hair so soft and clean. I was thinking its going to be hard to use, but its so easy and it cleans my hair effectively :)

The second shampoo is Head & Shoulders Classic (300 ml), which I started to use, because I was testing out Avon shampoo, which didn't agree with my scalp. 

As my conditioner I'm using Avon Advance Techniques Instant Repair 7 (250 ml). I have all the range, but the shampoo just is not working for me :( I don't have any issues with the conditioner though. It does a good job and leaves my hair soft and silky.

Sometimes after shampooing I like to use Collistar Extra-Delicate Multivitamin Conditioner-Gel (200 ml), which is one of the most amazing products I have ever used on my hair. It makes my hair the most softest it has ever been. No hair mask that I have used has ever done it. I'm in love!

When I straighten my hair I like to use in my hair Oriflame Hairx Smooth & Sleek Styling Hair Cream (150 ml). This is one of the products I actually like from the range. It can also be used in dry hair. It keeps the frizz under control ;)

The next item is from Avon and its their Advance Techniques Instant Repair 7 Treatment Spray (100 ml). I haven't noticed it doing anything for my hair. I'm using it just to be done with it. This range hasn't really been working for me :( 

Lets move onto styling products. I love L'Oreal Elenett Satin Heat Protection Styling Spray (170 ml) and it has lasted forever. The other product is Rich Volume Spray (150 ml, review), which I use before blow drying my hair for extra volume. Its amazing ;) 

Hair oils for me are must haves and the Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Hairtherapy Oil Miracle (100 ml) is just amazing. I like to apply to towel dry hair and completely dry hair. I use this gem every day to keep the ends of my hair hydrated and healthy. 

I love to use leave in treatments and conditioners. I have been using Oriflame Hairx Smooth Control Leave-in Treatment (150 ml). If I'm completely honest I haven't seen it do anything for my hair, but I'll use it up, because I don't want to waist it.

Another Oriflame product in my routine is their Hairx Volume Boost Dry Shampoo (150 ml). Its my second can and I remember liking it, but now I'm not sure why. Its not going to be a product I'll buy again. 

I have another Schwarzkopf product, which is Beach Babe Mermaid Look Texturizing Salt Spray (200 ml) This is perfect to use in my hair when I don't feel like doing much with it, which is most of the time :P 

To add more shine to my hair I have been using Tigi Bed Hed Headrush (200 ml). It has lasted forever and does an amazing job. I also like the fun bright pink packaging of it.

To keep it all in place, I have been using L'Oreal Elnett Satin Fashion Edition hair spray (400 ml) and I have had it the longest time. I have another bottle of this waiting to be used. I don't need to use it daily, but when I do, it does a great job and my hair still feels like my hair.

These are all the product I use on my hair. Some of these are favorites and some I use just to be done with them. If you have any great recommendations for me leave them down on the comments section :)

Thanks for reading! xo's

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Review: Rich Pure Luxury Intensive Volume Spray

Hi beauties! I love when I have a lot of volume to my hair and for getting that effect I have been using  Rich Pure Luxury Intensive Volume Spray (150 ml, $14.99). I picked up mine when I was in the US.

The spray comes in a golden plastic spray bottle. It sprays the product out with really fine mist and its easy to use. The scent of the product reminds me of hair spray smell, which I like :D I have no idea why though.

I spry it to my towel dry hair and concentrating on the roots. Then I blow dry my hair and I end up two times more volume in my hair.

I don't wash my hair everyday and for me this spray lasts more then a day, which is another thing I like about it. At least 2 days I have gorgeous volume to my hair :)

I'm so happy I picked this product up. It does an amazing job giving me volume and makes me feel like I have 2 times more hair. You don't need a lot of product, so it will last a long time, at least for me. I don't mess with my hair a lot, but when I do this is the product I go for.

If you are from Netherlands you can find it here, its bit more pricier here then in the US.

Have you tried any of Rich products?

Thanks for reading! xo's

July Wish Trend (link) codes are out! You get -10% offon all orders $55 or more using code WISHJULY2015. This months free gift is 1 Lei Lani Pink Mochi Nose clear packj! It apply to all orders and the code is WISHGIFTJULY2015. These apply till end of July :) 

Review: Oriflame Milk & Honey Moisturising Shower Cream

Hi beauties! I don't like to eat honey, but I do like beauty products with it. Oriflame Milk & Honey Moisturising Shower Cream (200 ml, 11 EUR - full price) smells so good :) I remember using hand & body cream from the same range, which smelled as good as this shower gel. Since then they have added more products to the line

The shower gel comes in a cream color plastic squeeze tube. The brand and the name of the product is with gold font. I like the simple, yet stylish packaging of it.

It has a strong sweet honey scent to it and it contains parfum in the ingredients list, so some might not like it. It hasn't irritated my skin and I love how it smells.

The scent of it doesn't linger on skin long after the shower, which I don't mind. I like to wear one of my fragrances instead. The formula of it feels good on skin and I don't feel like it drys my skin out. I always apply body lotion after the shower anyway. 

Overall I think its amazing shower gel, which feels luxurious :) I do like the Milk & Honey range from Oriflame and I'll definitely get a new bottle of this after its over. Another thing I like is that Oriflame has always offers and you get it with better price.

Have you tried this range from Oriflame?

Thanks for reading! :)

July Wish Trend (link) codes are out! You get -10% offon all orders $55 or more using code WISHJULY2015. This months free gift is 1 Lei Lani Pink Mochi Nose clear packj! It apply to all orders and the code is WISHGIFTJULY2015. These apply till end of July :) 

Review: Rituals Mandi Lulur Summer Limited Edition

Hi beauties! I picked up few products from Rituals Mandi Lulur Summer Limited Edition Collection. I got their bath foam (500 ml), body scrub (375 g) and shimmer body cream (250 ml).

The packaging of these is simple white with the name of the product and brand. The bottle and the jars are plastic, so the packaging is not as heavy. 

The reason why picked these up is because of the scent. Its smells so good! Describing scents is not the easiest, but I'll try anyway :D Its a sweet floral scent, so if you are a fan of sweet scents you might like this. 

I have used the bath foam only once. The reason is because it made my hands itch like crazy. I have had this problem with other bath products as well. I guess I'm just allergic to something in it. Other then that its a great bath foam, its just not for me.

The body scrub is just amazing! I love that the pieces in it are big so I can feel how it scrubs my skin and gets all the dead skin cells off. It leaves the skin soft and sooth. I also like that my skin doesn't feel dried out after I have used this.

This body cream is not something I would use daily, because its shimmery. I take it out when I go out somewhere and want a gorgeous glow to my skin.  If you have a tan it would look even better. I like to add bit of self tanner in it when I use it. It leaves my skin soft and it keeps it hydrated all day. I didn't expect it to hydrate that well, maybe because it shimmery, but it does ;)

I love the range, but I would have skipped on the bath foam. I adore the body cream and the scrub. Both are fab products and do an amazing job. 

Have you tried the new Rituals collection?

Thanks for reading! :)

Shop Korean Skincare Innovation, Black Cleansing Oil

July Wish Trend (link) codes are out! You get -10% off on all orders $55 or more using code WISHJULY2015. This months free gift is 1 Lei Lani Pink Mochi Nose clear packj! It apply to all orders and the code is WISHGIFTJULY2015. These apply till end of July :) 

Review: Laline Body Scrub Cherry Blossom

Hi beauties! I like to use a scrub before I shave my legs or fake tan. I have been using a Laline Body Scrub Cherry Blossom (350 ml). I didn't plan to get it, but I could try it in the store when I was in the US. I didn't get it at first, but I went back to the store to get it :)

The scrub comes in a chubby plastic jar and is filled with the most amazingly smelling scrub ever, if you like the scent of cherries of course ;)

I love that its a chunky scrub, so I can feel how it removes all the dead skin cells. I massage it into the skin and after I wash it off my skin feels soft and moisturized. Sometimes I don't even feel like I want to use a shower gel or apply body lotion after the shower. It just makes the skin so soft. 

Laline body scrub is paraben free and has in it natural minerals, avocado and grape seed oils. I guess that's why it feels so good on skin. 

IngredientsMaris Sal (Dead Sea Salt), Helianthus Annuus (Sun ower) Seed Oil, C 12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride, Parfum, Phenoxyethanol & Caprylyl Glycol & Chlorphenesin, BHT, Bisabolol, CI 15985 YELLOW 6, CI 60725 VIOLET 2, CI 26100 RED 17, CI 61565 GREEN 6, Linalool, Citronellol, Limonene, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone.

This scrub from Laline is to the pricey side. 500 ml/17.80 Ounces is $39.95, but it is an amazing scrub and makes a perfect item to have on pamper nights :) If you are interested here is the link. I'm happy I got it, but now the only problem is how am I going to get more :D 

Have you tried any Laline products before?

Thanks for reading! xo's

Haul: Hair & Body

Hi beauties! Today I have a mini haul for you guys. I have picked up few hair and body products up, so I was thinking why not share these with you guys :)

Lets start with the only body product here and its Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Refreshing Body Lotion (500 ml). I wanted something lighter then my regular body butter and it was on offer, so it came home with me :D

Moving on to hair products and first we have Tigi Bead Head Straighen out (120 ml), which is a cream and it will help to give straight hair. I'll keep you guys updated how this will work out for me.

I needed a new dry shampoo and went this time with Toni & Guy Glamour dry shampoo (250 ml). It should give to the hair body and bounce :)

Then I picked up few products from the Garnier Fructise Thick & Gorgeous range. I got their shampoo (250 ml) and conditioner (200 ml), which come in a bright pink packaging and who doesn't want thicker looking hair. 

I ended up getting 2 more products from the range. I just couldn't help myself, there was an offer ;) I got their Thick & Gorgeous Blow Out Leave-in Cream (150 ml), which has also heat protection in it. I have high hopes for that :D 

The last product I picked up is their Densify Lenghts Plumper Leave-in Serum (50 ml). I like leave in creams and serums so its just the product for me. I'll keep you update how I get along with this range. 

These are all the products I picked up. I hope you liked this post. If you have picked up any interesting hair products lately let me know down below. I like to try out new products.

Thanks for reading! xo's



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