Review: Bourjois Velvet Rouge Edition

Hi loves! I'm back! I missed few days of blogging, because my aunt visited me and we had a fun, but it was a busy weekend :) 

Today I share with you all Bourjois Velvet Rouge Edition liquid lipsticks in shade 11 So Hap'Pink and 08 Grand Cru (7.7 ml). 

These come in a plastic packaging and are mostly see through, so you can see the shade. I personally love the packaging, because its easy to spot these and also to storing :)

So Hap'Pink is one of the newer shade and is perfect for daily wear. I was wearing it all weekend and it stayed on so long (if I didn't eat or drink too much). After lunch it did came off, but when I had just some cake and coffee it was still on. I'm already getting myself in the mood of matte lips :D

Grand Cru I picked up when I was in Estonia and was thinking it was a great shade for fall. Unfortunately it doesn't apply as evenly as I would like to. The formula of this one seems a bit off some reason :( I can get an even application, but I just need to work a bit harder. The color itself is beautiful, so its worth the effort. 

My favorite shade is definitely So Hap'Pink, as it glides on lips easily, evenly and leaves my lips velvet smooth and of course matte ;) 

Have you tried these shades? Did you had the same issue with the Grand Cru?

Thanks for reading! xo's

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Review: Teeez Spectrum of Stars Eyeshadow

Hi loves! Today I share with you a gorgeous eye shadow from Teeez Cosmetics and its their Spectrum of Stars Eyeshadow in shade Wisteria Shadow ($22).

Its my firs eye shadow from the brand and it comes in golden ball, which is bulky, but it looks gorgeous. Perfect to keep on your vanity. Its sometimes problematic for me to open it, if I have used hand cream before.

The shade of it is so unique! I don't own any other shade like this and the pigmentation is amazing as well. Its easy to blend it out and it works well with other shadows. Only down side is that it will loose bit of the intensity end of the day (even if I wear eye primer). 

There is no scent to the shadow and I didn't experience any irritation. It was very comfortable to wear. 

I don't think the swatch does it justice, so here is a makeup look I did using this shadow. On the picture below you can really see the uniqueness of it. I wear it all over the lid.

I picked up mine when I was in Estonia, but I can't seem to find any of their product online, which would be available in Europe. There is online shop for US though and if you are interested you can find it here. I know its to the pricey side, but it is pretty and unique.

Have you tried any of their products?

Thanks for reading! xo's

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Review: Benefit Do The Hoola

Hi beauties! Benefit came out with some amazing sets and I haven't tried much from the brand. That said I picked up their Do The Hoola set (37 EUR).

The set comes in a lovely cardboard box, which closes magnetically. It contains a Hoola Ultra Plush lip gloss (6.5 ml), They're Real mascara (3 g), Hoola bronzer (3 g), Dew The Hoola (7 ml), Benebalm (1.4 g) and a little brush. It has inside also a mirror.

The packaging is bit bulky, but the design and the goodies inside make it up :) 

The quality is amazing with all these products. The Hoola bronzer is just amazing to bronze up the face or contour. Also like Dew The Hoola and I'm so surprise how much I like it to warm up the complexion. It blends out so easily and evenly. Definitely will pick these in the full size. 

I'm not going to talk about They're Real mascara, because by now everyone knows how good it is ;)

The lip products are lovely. I'm not big on wearing tinted lip balms, but this one feels really nice on lips. Perfect to keep in my handbag. 

The gloss is lovely as well, but I'm not the fan of the packaging. Its very comfortable to wear on lips and I'll definitely use it up. I don't think I'll be getting the full size of it.

I haven't tried much from the brand and this is so nice way to give a go to some of their products. Hoola bronzer is my favorite from this set with the Dew the Hoola. If you are like me and haven't tried much from the brand I do recommend giving a go to this set ;)

I picked mine from Douglas, but I didn't see it online any more though. Its available in Sephora for $34 (link).

Are you planing to get this set?

Thanks for reading! xo's

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Review: theBalm Nude Dude Volume 2

Hi loves! I absolutely lobe theBalm products and when I saw their Nude Dude Volume 2 palette (9.6 g, $36) I knew I need it in my life.

The packaging of it is so cute, as always, when it comes to theBalm packaging. Its cardboard and closes magnetically, so the shadows are safe, when you travel with it. I also like how sleek it is and that it comes with a mirror and a brush, which I can actually use.

All the shadows are amazingly pigmented and so buttery to the touch. There isn't even one shadow I don't like in the palette. I have used these shadows with a primer and with out. The end result is the same and the shadows stay vivid all day and no creasing. 

I find some of the shadows are really unique in this palette, which makes it special for me. Its nude, but not the same as every other palette I own.

This is the top row

  • Fearless - is a creamy light nude shadow, with matte finish.
  • Flawless - is a light warm brown, with matte finish. Perfect to warm up the crease.
  • Firm - is a shimmery bronze shade. 
  • Flirty - is my Favorite shade from the palette. Its gorgeous shimmery bronze shade with purple pinkish sheen to it.
  • Friendly - is a matte dark purple. Perfect to darken up the outer V.
  • Fierce - is a black shadow with golden shimmer in it.

  • Fabulous - is a white shade with golden shimmer to it. So pretty to add to the inner corner of the eye.
  • Faithful - is a light shimmery bronze shade and is another favorite of mine.
  • Fit - is a shimmery copper bronze shade.
  • Feisty - is a light dusty rose shade with a slight shimmer in it. 
  • Funny - is a shimmery maroon shade.
  • Fine - is a shimmery dark brown shade.

As you can see from the pictures above all the shades are pigmented. These also blend very easily and work well with other shadows. I'm so happy I ended up getting this palette. It has all the colors I like (nudes :P) and use daily. I can create so many different looks with it and can make a day time look easily to something I would wear in the evenings. I highly recommend this palette to anyone who is fan of nude shade ;)

If you are interested in this palette from theBalm you can find it here.

Do you have this palette already? Are you planing to get it? 

Thanks for reading! xo's

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Review: Oriflame The One Wonder Liner

Hi loves! I have been into eyeliners lately from sharp line to smoking my liner out. The days when I have been wearing winged out liner, I have been using Oriflame The One Wonder Liner (2.5 ml).


The liner comes in tip in packaging, which means the product is inside the little jar and you tip the applicator in. I'm not usually fan of these kind of liners, but I picked it up, because of the applicator. I haven't seen applicator quite like this, so I ended up getting it.

When I first time tried it I was afraid I'll mess up, but it was surprisingly easy to use. I did need to do a bit of cleaning up after first time using it.

The formula of it is very runny and I have to wipe some of the product off. The liner itself is very pigmented and glides on easily and also it drys fast to matte finish.

I did notice it has a scent, which is not good. It has a sour scent to it. I only smell it when I put my nose near to the applicator. If I'm using it to line my eyes I don't smell anything and it hasn't irritated my eyes. 

The staying on power of it is just amazing. It didn't smudge on me and in the end of the day both my wings, where in place. To my surprise it came off with out a fuss. It also didn't irritate my eyes, which some liners have done in the past.

As you can see overall its great liner to have. Its richly pigmented, easy to use and has nice matte finish. I do wish the applicator wouldn't pick up just so much product and it wouldn't have any scent to it.

Have you tried this Oriflame liner already?

Thanks for reading! xo's

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Whats New in My Lipstick Collection: August 2015

Hi loves! Its time for another episode of Whats New in My Lipstick collection and this time you'll see some gorgeous Oriflame, Avon and Maybelline lip products ;) Down below you find a video, where you can see the swatches and how these product look on my lips. Hope you guys like it :)

  • Avon Ultra Colour Lipsticks in Berry Bright, Wine Berry
  • Avon Ultra Color Indulgence lipsticks in Daffodil Petal, Hibiscus and Red Tulip | review
  • Oriflame The One BB lip balm| review 
  • Oriflame The One Triple Core Lipsticks in Spectacular Nude and Dazzling Plum | review
  • Oriflame Lip Impact Crayon in shade Deep Berry | review
  • Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencils in 310 Berry Much | review

These are all the new lip product in my collection :) I do hope you liked this video and thank you so much for watching x

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Review: Lailly 7 Seconds Make-Up Booster

Hi beauties! I'm happy to share with you guys a new primer in my life, which will boos your makeup. Its Lailly 7 Seconds Make-Up Booster (50 g, $18.50). This little number was also in my wishlist, if you haven't read it you can find it here.

The 7 Second Make-Up Booster comes in a black jar and reminds me more of a cream then something to prep my skin for makeup. The formula of it looks light green and reminds me of a face cream. Its made all-natural, pure ingredients and is free of irritants. It is whitening, anti-aging, makeup boosting and conditions the face. It also controls and maintains the optimal hydro-oil balance with in the skin.

I have tried it with many of my foundations and it works the best with the long wearing foundations. It doesn't let the matte foundations make my skin look dull, it gives my skin a glow with in. 

I have been using it as my primer for a week or two now and I have to say I love it. It doesn't stop me from getting oily, but then again no primer or foundation can do that for me. It makes my skin look healthier, product apply better and I feel like my foundation stays on longer as well, even though I get oily in the T-zone. I also have noticed my full coverage foundations haven't got cakey on me when I have used this 7 Seconds Make-Up Booster. 

Recommended to blemish borne, rough skin or enlarged pores, but its suitable for all skin types. It makes the skin noticeably softer and feels light weight on skin.

I highly recommend this little gem! Its perfect for upcoming season. It might seem pricey, but you do get tons of product in it. 

If you are interested in it, its available on Wish Trend (link). its $18.50 and contains 50 g product. Down below you also find discount codes ;) If you are not registered on Wish Trend you can get $5, if you use this code 024493902, when registering.

Thanks for reading! xo's

Shop Korean Skincare Innovation, Black Cleansing Oil
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